Mala beads to help inspire and heal the soul

When it comes to designing my handmade Mala's I take great consideration when contemplating each design. After working with many people who were struggling with different aspects of their daily lives, I know just how meaningful and personal a Mala can be.

As a practitioner of yoga, a yoga teacher and someone who strives to reach their fullest potential. With sound knowledge of healing gemstones and an appreciation for their effect on the human spirit, each Mala I create is a labor of love that I share with each one of my clients.

My days often begin and end with yoga. With a peaceful mind and inner harmony, I set to work on each one of my unique jewelry creations from the comfort of my home studio. Each Mala I create is carefully thought out and planned for optimal use as well as aesthetics. I take great pleasure in knowing that my Mala's are inspiring people from all over the world.

Looking for a custom Mala all your own? Send me a convo and I would love to create one expressly for you or a loved one.

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